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Paragraph Jumbles 1

Arrange the sentences A, B, C and D in a proper sequence so as to make a coherent paragraph.
1. A. He was carrying his jacket and walked with his head thrown back.
  B. As Anette neared the lamp, she saw a figure walking slowly.
C. For a while Michael walked on and she followed 20 paces behind.
D. With a mixture of terror and triumph of recognition, she slackened her pace.
  (a) ABCD (b) BADC (c) BCDA (d) ACBD
2. A. However, the real challenge today is in unlearning which is much harder.
  B. But the new world of business behaves differently from the world in which we grew up.
C. Learning is important for both people and organization.
D. Each of us has ‘mental model that we’ve used over the years to make sense.
  (a) CADB (b) BDAC (c) CDAB (d) ACBD
3. A. There was nothing quite like a heavy downpour of rain to make life worthwhile.
  B. We reached the field, soaked to the skin, and surrounded it.
C. The wet as far as he was concerned was ideal.
D. There, sure enough, stood Claudius, looking like a debauched Roman emperor under a shower.
  (a) DCBA (b) BDAC (c) BADC (d) BACD
4. A. Alex had never been happy with his Indian origins.
  B. He set about rectifying this grave injustice by making his house in his own image of a country manor
C. Fate had been unfair to him; if he had his wish, he would have been a court or an Earl on some English estate, or a medieval monarch in a chateau in France.
D. This illusion of misplaced grandeur, his wife felt, would be Alex undoing.
  (a) ACDB (b) ABDC (c) ACBD (d) CABD
5. A. The influence is reflected the most in beaded evening wear.
  B. Increasingly the influence of India’s colour and cuts can be seen on western styles.
C. And even as Nehre Jackets and Jodhpur’s remain staples of the fashion world, designers such as Armani and Mc Fadden have turned to the sleek silhouette of the churidar this year.
D. Indian hot pink, paprika and saffron continue to be popular colors, year in and year out.
  (a) BADC (b) ABCD (c) BCAD (d) DABC
6. A. Such a national policy will surely divide and never unite the people.
  B. In fact, it suits the purpose of the politicians; they can drag the people into submission by appealing to them in the name of religion.
C. In order to inculcate the unquestioning belief they condemn the other states, which do not follow their religion.
D. The emergence of the theocratic states where all types of crimes are committed in the name of religion, has revived the religion of the Middle Ages.
  (a) ABCD (b) DBCA (c) DBAC (d) CDAB
7. A. His left-hand concealed a blackjack, his right-hand groped for the torch in his pocket.
  B. The meeting was scheduled for 9 O’clock, and his watch showed the time to be a quarter to nine.
C. The man lurked in the corner, away from the glare of light.
D. His heart thumped in his chest, sweat beads formed themselves on his forehead his mouth was dry.
  (a) CABD (b) BDAC (c) BADC (d) ABCD
8. A. The director walked into the room and took a look around the class.
  B. Mitch wanted to scream– the illogicality of the entire scene struck him dumb.
C. The managers started at him with the look of fear that no democratic country should tolerate in its people.
D. He walked out of room– it was his irrevocable protest against an insensible and insensitive situation
  (a) ACBD (b) BDAC (c) BCAD (d) ABCD
9. A. The establishment of the Third Reich influenced events in American history by starting a chain of events which culminated in war between Germany and the United States.
  B. The Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936 prohibited trade with an belligerents or loans to them.
C. While speaking out against Hitler’s atrocities, the American people generally favored isolationist policies and neutrality.
D. The complete destruction of democracy, the persecution of jews, the war on religion, the cruelty and barbarism of the allies, caused great indignation in this country and brought on fear of another World War.
  (a) ABCD (b) CBDA (c) CDBA (d) ADCB
10 A. An essay which appeals chiefly to the intellect is Francis Bacon’s Of Studies.
  B. His careful tripartite division of studies expressed succinctly in aphoristic prose demands the complete attention of the mind of the reader.
C. He considers studies as they should be; for pleasure, for self-improvement, for business.
D. He considers the evils of excess study: laziness, affectation, and preciosity.
  (a) DBCA (b) ABCD (c) CDBA (d) ACBD


01. B 02. A
03. B 04. C
05. A 06. B
07. A 08. A
09. D 10. B
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