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  1. kum ar

    gr8…….sir i want detail solution for this…….very urgent…….with explanation

    Malgudi Maternity Hospital had a very busy week.Five babies,three girls (Kangna,Medha,Pari) and two boys(Lalit,Naveen) were delivered in that week.The fathers (Abhishek,Bhavesh,Chakravarti,Dharmesh,Eshwar)and mothers(Fiza,Gauri,Hema,Indu,Joyti).all first-time parents,were enchanted with their new sons and daughters.the babies were all delivered on different(consecutive) days(Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri) and at different times(2:00AM,4:00AM,6:00AM,8:00AM,10:00AM).Answer the questions based on the clues given below.

    #Pari wasn’t delivered on Monday,but she was delivered two hours later than Hema’s daughter.

    #Bhavesh,who wasn’t married to Gauri,was a proud father at 2:00AM,but not on friday morning.

    #Naveen was delivered the day after Joyti’s baby but two days before the baby born at 6:00AM.

    #Chakravarti’s baby was delivered the day before Lalit but four hours later the Gauri’s baby

    #Abhishek and his wife Fiza didn’t have a daughter.

    #The baby born at 4:00 AM was delivered on Monday.

    #The baby born at 4:00 AM was delivered on Monday.

    #Chakravarti wasn’t married to lndu.

    #Dharmesh’s new daughter was named Medha.

    #Gauri’s baby wasn’t delivered on Wednesday.

    #Kangana was born two hours earlier then Jyoti’s baby but three days after Dharmesh’s baby.

    #Eshwar’s wife,who wasn’t Indu,delivered a daughter on Tuesday.

    what was the time when Pari was born?
    (a)4:00 AM (b)6:00 AM (c)8:00 AM (d) 10:00 AM

    Chakravarthi’s baby was named:
    (a)Kangana (b)Naveen (c)Pari (d)None of the above

    If the list is arranged in the increasing order of the time of birth,whose baby name appears fourth on the list?
    (a)Fiza (b)Gauri (c)Hema (d)Indu

    Lalit was born on 9th April.On which date was Bhavesh’s baby born?
    (a)6th April (b)7th April (c)11th April (d)12th April

    Who among the five babies is the youngest?
    (a)Pari (b)lalit (c)Kangana (d)None of the above

  2. neha

    if we skip aptitude section and perform good in other to section then what will happen plzz dear admin reply m too confuse and scared.

  3. khushaal

    one logical reasoning question contains 3-5 sub-questions. are sub questions of 10 marks each or one whole logical reasoning question? same goes with cryptarithmetic part

    plz plz do reply admin. i’m in a fix coz its taking hell time to solve these questions.

  4. Abhishek

    Great Work Admin! Found The LR section really helpful. After having solved all 14 LR problems…..do i need to solve more or it is fine to score 40-50 marks in elitmus from the LR section(assuming 8 LR questions) .It took 15 minutes on an average to solve each LR problem.Kindly guide me in my preparation .i need to get 97%+ in the problem solving section as my aggregate in BE is only 60%. And if I need to solve more….could you please suggest from where to study….i am planning to take the test in 20-26 NOV. Thanks in advance.Hope to hear from you.

  5. G.Iswarya

    there are seven persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G (not in order) whose age are 40, 45, 50, 56, ,58, 64, 69 ( not in order) birthdays are in the months from february to september, there is one blank month in which no birthday occurs.
    1. A’s birthday is just one month before G and A is less than 50 years.
    2. C’s birthday comes before G.
    3. there are two birthday’s between D and E. age of E is 45 and age of D is (dont remember).
    4. there are two months after A including 1 blank month. there is exactly 5 years gap between the age of persone just before blank month and just after blank month.
    5. B’s birthday comes just before F. F’s age was 69 years.

    Q1- in March whose birthday comes?

    Q2. Which two months have max age?

    Q3. what is the age difference between A and G?

  6. Ritesh Kumar

    If I will score 90+ percentile in all three section then can I expect call from MNC If I have not 60+ % throghout

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