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Examination Pattern

Quantitative Ability (20 Questions)

1. Number System
2. Permutation and Combinations
3. Probability
4. Geometry
5. Mensuration
6. Time and Distance
7. Time and Work
8. Algebra
  (Around 10-15 questions are from the above mentioned topics)
  (Solve 5-8 Questions in section to score a good percentile)
(See Elitmus Score Vs-Percentile chart below)

Verbal Ability (20 Questions)

1. Sentence Completion 1 4 Questions (Based on Subject-Verb Agreement)
2. Reading Comprehension 1 4 Questions (Around 200-230 words)
3. Reading Comprehension 2 4 Questions (Around 200-230 words)
4. Reading Comprehension 3 4 Questions (Around 200-230 words)
5. Sentence Completion 2 2 Questions (Based on Vocabulary)
6. Para Jumbles 2 Questions  
  (Solve 10-14 Questions in this section to score a good percentile)
(See Marks-Percentile chart below)

Problem Solving (20 Questions)

1. Logical Reasoning-1 5 Questions
2. Logical Reasoning-2 3 Questions
3. Data Sufficiency 4 Questions
4. Data Interpretation 5 Questions
5. Cryptarithmetic 3 Questions
  (Solve 5-10 Questions in this section of getting good percentile)
(See Marks-Percentile chart below)

Marking Scheme

1. Each Question Carries 10 Marks.
2. Marks distribution in 3 different sections.
  A. Quantitative Ability 20 Questions 200 Marks
B. Problem Solving 20 Questions 200 Marks
C. Verbal Ability 20 Questions 200 Marks

Elitmus Score Vs Percentile Chart


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  1. reshma

    ur site is really very helpful.
    if i practice all the section from ur site, ca n i expect 90 %ile ? specially for cryptarithmetic and quant is the material here is enough?
    or do i need to prepare from some partcular book?
    what should i refer for mensuration and geometry?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Suggestions for improving Verbal Ability:

      1. Increase your vocabulary.( http://www.vocabulary.com)
      2. Try to go through the Basic Grammar Books like Wren & Martin and read basic topics like tenses, subject-verb agreement etc.
      3. For Solving the Reading comprehension and Paragraph Jumbles, you need to have knowledge of different areas.

      Practice as much as you can. It will take some time to improve the verbal ability section.

  2. BUMBA

    can you tell me if i get 18.80 score in both PS and Quant…then how many right i did or how may mistake i did?
    plz reply ASAP

  3. Priyanka

    I have secured 83%tile in verbal, 77%tile in prob solving, 70%tile in quant. I have 1year 2 months work experience as software developer. What are my chances?

  4. Ankur Chatterjee

    I have scored 86%ile in quants, 60% in verbal and in 27% in problem solving.
    Which companies can I expect to call me?
    Please reply asap

    Thank you in advance

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      If your summation of marks is 140+ (with all positive). You can expect calls from MNC’s like offering package of 3 lakhs and above.

  5. Atul Garg

    I got this today…will it helpful…?
    if yes than what should i do now…?
    Subsection marks Percentile
    verbal 75 80.63
    problem solving 37.50 83.38
    quantitayive 70 97.06

    i appiled all current jobs…. but i am from EE stream.. so eligible in few opportunities.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Your score is very good. You can expect calls from different companies offering 3 lakhs+ packages

  6. Anon

    I got my result-
    Quant- 42.69% (3.80)
    Problem Solving- 71.42% (26.30)
    Verbal- 96.79% (120)

    Overall Score- 150

    Can I expect call from Accenture or any other MNC? I heard they consider overall score/percentile. Is it true?
    And also is my overall percentile 80+? Acc. to some sites Q 30 + R 70 + V 95= 80+(overall percentile). Please ElitmusZone Post Author reply.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Yes.. Your summation of marks>120 and you have scored positive marks in all the three sections. As per our analysis, you will get calls from different MNC’s.

  7. ashish

    plz help me to all seniors out there …!!!
    i am facing a tough time in my placements because i’v got 59.85% in 10th,
    12th and Btech %age is more than 65%!
    Since almost every MNCs criteria is 60% throught i am facing a tough time..
    is there any scope???
    2016 Batch!

  8. Abhishek gupta

    My overall score- 161.3
    Result was declared on 14 oct 2015
    How many day does it take to get interview call
    Plz reply

  9. aashish

    my elitmus score is 99.04 in quant and 99.40 in reasoning but 89.93 in english…..will i get a call from all companies?????…please reply asap….

    1. sai

      hey aashish ,i need to get a good score in elitmus , to get good score in elitmus can u share me the material ,any links regarding the exam and how to read (weightage part) so that it really helpful to me.

    2. shikha13011994@gmail.com

      Hey Aashish…can u plz provide me the material to study for elitmus…nd plzz suggest me which book is better for it???

  10. Tariq

    As there will be 5 marks as negative marking for wrong question, if no. of wrong question is greater than one fourth of attempted question, So how come people are getting score in fraction???

    please reply ASAP

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Sometimes, they provide the marks based on your approach and rough work for the problems. (This is our assumptions.)

  11. Sahil


    My e- litmus score and percentile is-
    Score Percentile
    English. 60 69.3
    Problem Sol 26.3 71.44
    Quant. 26.3 72.8
    Total score 112.6

    Can I expect call from Accenture? I gave this test specially on 15th for Accenture drive.

  12. neha

    i have attend elitmus on last sunday.. and i did
    problem solving… 3 correct and 1 wrong
    quantitative………. 3 correct and 2 wrong..

    what will be my score?
    please admin reply me soon..

  13. neha

    is there any opportunities for 2015 batch to get through elitmus? as 2016 batch is coming soon…

    i am losing hope… please rply soon.. is there any recruitment in january?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Khushi,

      Total Time: 02 Hours
      You have to divide your time for each section. There is no restriction about the timings in each section.

      You can divide time slot of 40 Minutes for each each section.

  14. Amulya

    I am from 2015 batch and appearing Elitmus exam in the month of jan.do we have equal chances of interview call as 2016 batch is coming soon.

  15. Mallika

    Nice information.

    I am appearing for elitmus this week. Please send me some mocks or previous papers if anyone has. Please i need it.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Please check the date of next exam.
      After the last day for filling the application form,your elitmus scores will be published.

      (Based on assumptions)

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Afzal,

      Please provide you summation of marks.

      If(Marks<= 120) { appear again; } Best Regards, ElitmusZone

  16. Ankita Deshpande

    Thank you so much. This post was helpful. I got my score today.
    Verbal 91.65(100)
    Problem Solving 90.86(48.80)
    Quant 23.48(-7.50)
    With these marks, do I stand any chance? Can I expect any calls? Please guide me.

  17. anurag

    i gave my exam on 17 jan 2016, got my result today , verbal – 84 percentile, reasoning- 85.16 percentile , quant- 99.65 percentile , total marks – 228 , now , i have to apply or will i get calls from company without applying for them ?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Anurag,

      As per our knowledge, you have to apply for companies. Please get these details verified on elitmus portal.

      Best Regards,
      ElitmusZone Team

      1. Alekhya

        im appearing for elitmus this week,cn smeone snd few previous questions or any other links where i cn get a good stuff for preparation for verbal and QA

    2. Alekhya

      hey anurag,
      im planning to take a elitmus test can u suggest me any materials for all d 3 sections and also few tips which cld get me a good score

  18. Paras

    Is it a online exam ??? …….what is the test duration ??…….
    Time for each section is separate or one has to himself divide the time ??
    pls help …!!

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Paras,

      Please find the details below:

      Test Duration : 02 Hours
      Exam Pattern : It is a pen & paper test

      You can the divide time by yourself. There is no restrictions.
      Best approach : 40 Minutes Each Section.(Quantitative, Problem Solving, Verbal ability)
      Please read the below articles for more clarifications.


      Best Regards,
      Team ElitmusZone

  19. Vishal

    i appeared for the elitmus exam on 17th Jan 2016, but still didnt got the results.. When will it be displayed ?? coz one of the comment above says “Anurag got his result”

    1. akhil

      dude…u submitted u r all documents?
      if u submitted u r documents means they will release u r results as soon as possible

      1. Vishal

        i gave the exam for the first time buddie.. which document am i supposed to submit?
        During ph test everything went good.. my documents were clear.. nothing went wrong..
        After the exam they took my hall ticket thats it,
        and still result not declared as of on 29th Jan 2016..

  20. dhanush

    Verbal : 52.50 ——–>61.01 %
    Problem Solving :- 30.00 ———->76.98%
    Quantitative :- 33.80————> 81.92%
    What are my chances?
    will I get calls from Accenture or any other MNC?

  21. Priyanka

    Hello elitmus zone,
    My phone score is
    Verbal- 52.50 and 61.01%
    Problem solving- 22.50 and 66.62%
    Quantitative 37.50 and 84.70%

    Will you please give your comment on my scores! Will I get any call form elitmus? M 2015 batch

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Priyanka,

      Please try to score more marks in verbal and problem solving.

      Please try to score in below marks pattern.
      Verbal – 80-100
      Problem Solving – 50-60
      Quant- 50-60

      If your summation of score is greater than 120 you will get the calls from MNC’s offering 3.0+ Lac packages.

      Best Regards,

  22. chirag

    hello sir,
    could you please tell me if In cryptarithmetic for a given multiplication are their more than 1 sub questions? if so do each sub question carry 10 marks or an entire cryptaritmetic question with all its sub parts add up to give 10 marks?

  23. MAINAK

    my marpH Test Sun, 14 Feb, 2016 Verbal
    Problem Solving


    60.93% repectively

    can i expect any call from elitmus

  24. Neeraj kumar

    Please mail me sample paper/model paper for practice so that i could get a call from MNC company from elitmus.. i will very thankful to u

  25. Sai

    My eLitmus scores are verbal-150, problem solving- -22.50, quant- -15
    percentiles are verbal -99.52,problem solving-6.07,quant-13.92,
    will I be getting any calls with these scores.


    i got my result today. verbal-92 percentile, quantitative-85 percentile, problem solving-27 percentile.
    i got negative marks in problem solving.but overall marks is 136.
    will i get a call from good companies?
    reply soon…please….
    thank you.

  27. MAINAK

    if i give two elitmus exam which marks will be taken into account.
    ist exam QUANTS- 61%
    LR- 62%
    EN – 27%
    2ND EXAM-
    QUANTS- 74.87%
    LR – 76.87%
    EN- 23%

  28. Prema

    hi my percentage in SSLC is 59%,in puc 72%, and in my b.e degree till 7th sem i have scored 74%.All MNC’s creteria is above 60% so im finding tough time.please help me .i hav scope and elitmus test will be helpful for me.kindly pls reply me

  29. Pratik

    I have 74.50% in 10th,54.00% in 12th and 59% in BE.Pls tell me if i scored above 140+ will i get the call from MNC company like accenture?????
    kindly Pls reply me….So that i can prepare according to that

  30. Archana Behera

    hi elitmus zone,

    I am appearing elitmus in march 20.. please send some mock or previous papers..i have attended once in 28 feb,2016. i got very bad score i didnt even expect that…. please anyone help.

    email id- archanabehera621@gmail.com

  31. preeti narula

    sir plz let me know from where i should do practice for Reading comprehension?coz an essential part of the verbal section

  32. ankit

    hello sir,
    my ph score are as follows:-

    quant -33.8(marks) —81.87%
    ps -50 —-90.87%
    verval-78.8 —-82.86%

    total marks-162.6

    will I get any call from company with 5+ctc
    or should I appear for ph test again
    thanks in advance

  33. Shubham KHANDELWAL

    Problem solving-93
    Verbal- 75.07
    Total score-250.
    Is this good score to receive call from good companies?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Shubham,

      Your Score is Good. You will definitely get calls from different companies.

      Best of Luck 🙂

      Elitmuszone Team

  34. Devesh

    Sir plz send me some of previous question paper of elitmus…. its very important I have to give exam in april

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Devesh,

      All the required materials are available on elitmuszone portal for preparation.

      Best Regards,


    verbal: 37.5—->44.13%
    problem solving: 48.8—->90.48%
    quantitative: 60—->95.47%
    10 nth :89%,12th :84.6%,graduation:83.4%
    what are my chances?
    will i get the calls from accenture or any other MNC?

  36. kavya

    Hello i got 84% in 10th and 45% in 2nd pu and 64 in B.E from the computer science background and i passed out in 2013 batch is there any chance of getting the job by clearing ur entrance test!!!!!!!!! please help me

  37. Parimala

    Hello sir
    I’m 2015 passed out and my 10th percentage is 90%,puc 82% and BE 63% from CSE branch. Are there any chances for me to get job through elitmus??

  38. laxmi

    hii sir im 2014 passed out ECE background still im nt getting any job .i booked my elitmus slot 3rd april .is their any chances to expect call frm companies. & Im eligible fr this exam r nt Pls give me ur valuble suggestion

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Laxmi,

      You are eligible for this exam.

      Try to score 200+ Marks in elitmus.

      Best Regards,

  39. prabha

    Hi sir, I’m 2015 batch from ece dept how to prepare for elitmus exam is the exam is online or the return test please reply me.

  40. sonakshi

    I got my result- Quant- 60.81% (15) Problem Solving- 56.62% (15) Verbal- 52.81% (45)
    10 nth :84%,12th :75%,graduation:70%
    what are my chances?
    will i get the calls from MNC?

  41. Manish Rai

    I am B.Tech pass out of 2012 and currently I am in M.Tech second year.
    Whether I am allowed for elitmus test.

    Manish Rai

  42. priyanka das

    hello sir i m 2015 passed out.. i booked my elitmus slot 1st april.. is there any chances to get calls from good companies? pls sir give me ur suggestn

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Priyanka,

      1st April ???.. ( I think it should be 1st May).

      Please try to score more than 140 Marks.

      Please go through the examination pattern and prepare a strategy accordingly.

      Best Regards,

  43. siva@hadoop


    my score is
    english 22.50 27.96%le
    quant 40 86.32
    ps 30 76.83

    Is there any chances for me . i know its than 120 but can i get even a 2 or 3 calls. my agregade through out 70%(10th 81 ,inter 92,btech 71) 2015 passed out. could you please replay to me elitmuszone.


    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Siva,

      Please appear again and try to score more marks in verbal ability section.

      Best Regards,

  44. priyanka das

    sir i m from 2015 batch… if i take my elitmus now… are there any chances to get calls? pls sir help me

  45. Joychand

    My scores are
    verbal-75 80.93
    ps- 60 95.77
    quants-15 61.13

    I am a 2016 passout (mtech cse) having 10th % 82.62, 12th % 83.2, btech % 78.8, Mtech % 76.9 with one year gap. Is there any chance to get calls from good companies? Could u plz provide some info @Elitmuszone

  46. Krishan

    Sir, i scored around 96 percentile over all in elitmus(ind. %ile96/93/99). Now do i need to apply for companies from the listings under jobs sections on elitmus website or the companies will call me according to what the need.
    Does Accenture calls mechanical engineers? Do Mechanical engineers get opportunity through elitmus.

  47. Keerthi

    hello sir…
    pls do reply…

    If i wont attend any questions in quant.. what will my percentile be…??

    pls reply sir…..

  48. srujan

    do we need to right entire solution as this is a pen and paper exam or do we need to right only correct option. please do reply.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      You have to write the entire solution. Please check instructions printed on question booklet for detailed info.

  49. Shubham

    I read all the details above. Can you tell me,
    1. How many marks should I target to get a call from an MNC offering high CTC > 6-7 lpa??
    2. Can you tell me the marking pattern of eLitmus, as it is written above that the marks distribution is in the multiple of 10 and that of negative marks is in the multiple of 5, But in the comparison with the percentiles, the marks are written in decimals. how can marks come in decimals, Is that a scaled score for each section?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author


      If your results are pending, then please check it on elitmus portal. We do not have your results. Our portal is only providing the questions for preparation of elitmus.

      Please get back in touch with your thoughts.

      ElitmusZone Team

      Email : support@elitmuszone.com
      Facebook : ElitmusZone

  50. shahebaz

    this is my score verbal 60 69.45
    ps 50 92.34
    QA 22.50 71.34
    cd anyone tell me,what are my chances?? will i get interview cals??? ElitmusZone post author???

  51. Ajit Kumar

    Hello ElitmusZone
    Thank you so much for such a grate work and to gather all the information related to Elitmus at one place. It is really very help-full for us. I solved all the problems here one time and now planning for ones again. But now need some more questions for practice. Will you please upload some more questions or sample papers for practice ?
    I don’t want to lost money by applying with less preparation and by scoring less.

    I know this all materials are too good but will it enough ? Upload more practice paper…

    Thanks and Regards

  52. Ashna


    I am 2015 batch passout and having experience of 1 year working with start up company so didn’t have exposure of working in corporate and high level projects. Is it possible to get opportunities to work with MNC’s after cracking ELITMUS thi year ?

      1. RAHUL GUPTA

        verbal: 48.8—->55.89%
        problem solving: 37.5—->84.99%
        quantitative: 63.8—->96.35%
        10 nth :80%,12th :56%,graduation:68.13%
        what are my chances?
        will i get the calls from any MNC?


    verbal: 48.8—->55.89%
    problem solving: 37.5—->84.99%
    quantitative: 63.8—->96.35%
    10 nth :80%,12th :56%,graduation:68.13%
    what are my chances?
    will i get the calls from any MNC?


    I did’t have 60% throughout my career. I have completed MCA on 2016. If i secure marks in elitmus test between 120 to 140 can i, get any call from MNC companies like: Accenture, Cognizant, Wipro Technologies Limited, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Sonata Software Ltd, Tech Mahindra, ITC Infotech India Ltd., Trigent Software Ltd or any other MNC companies. They will consider my elitmus score or my qualification marks. Please clarify.
    Thank You
    With regards.

  55. Divya

    i have more than 60% in 10th n PU… but i don’t have 60% aggregate in BE…. will it be helpful if i take up this exam?? do i have any chance of getting placed?? pls reply….

  56. gorav

    i need previous year paper which contains all the three sets , and can u plz tell me how much time it takes to prepare for eltimus is 1month enoughf for preparation for some one who is new

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