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What is Cryptarithmetic ?

Cryptarithmetic is the science and art of creating and solving cryptarithms.

A Cryptarithmetic is a genre of mathematical puzzle in which the digits are replaced by letters of the alphabet or other symbols.

The invention of Cryptarithmetic has been ascribed to ancient China. This art was originally known as letter arithmetic or verbal arithmetic. In India, during the Middle Ages, were developed the arithmetical restorations or “skeletons” a type of cryptarithms in which most or all of the digits have been replaced by asterisks.

The world’s best known alphametic puzzle is undoubtedly SEND + MORE = MONEY. It was created by H. E. Dudeney and first published in the July 1924 issue of Strand Magazine associated with the story of a kidnapper’s ransom demand.

Importance of Cryptarithmetic in Elitmus 

Solving a Cryptarithmetic Problem will take nearly 10-12 minutes in  exam. If you are able to solve  puzzle,  then you can easily answer the 3 question based on crypt  within 2 minutes. Questions are only based on basic mathematics like, find the value of A+B+C , or 2A+C  or triangle related questions.

For scoring a higher percentile in problem solving section, you need to solve 5-7 questions. If you are able to solve crypt, then you only need to solve 3-4 questions more from the remaining 17 questions.

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Elitmus Score Percentile Chart

Example of Cryptarithmetic Problem



Complete Solution

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  1. Abhisek

    It is humble request to you people that please post the new pattern of Crypt problems which is asked in previous few elitmus

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Abhishek,

      We are working to release the new pattern of questions.

      Please go through the Unit Digit Method for Solving such type of Cryptarithmetic. We have seen the latest pattern or questions, it can be solved using unit digit method. If you have good understanding of Unit Digit Method, you can easily solve these problems easily.

      Please let us know if more information is required.


  2. neha

    if we skip aptitude section and perform good in another both two section thn what will happen… dear admin plz reply as soon as possible I too confuse and scared abt my result. plz help me.

  3. Ridhma

    I’m not getting the concept of triangle. Can you please tell me how to identify triangle in cryptarithmetic-problem?

  4. himanshu

    problem solving-88.95
    i want to know what are my chances for a interview call from a company??

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