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Tips for Solving Paragraph Jumbles

1. Finding the starting sentence

One of the keys to solving a paragraph jumble questions correctly is the location of the starting sentence. Very often, a paragraph jumbles question will get solved only by identifying the starting sentence. In the context of the types of sentence sequences used in writing paragraphs, the starting sentence can be identified as the first part of one of the ten types. ( For example, the cause will mostly be the starting sentence in a typical cause and effect sentence structure. Similarly, the starting idea in a sentence sequence involving a contrast is likely to be the starting sentence of the paragraph)

2. Locating the “topic sentence”

Mostly, one of the sentences in a paragraph will introduce the main topic of the paragraph. This sentence will give us the key to the entire paragraph. Very often, the topic sentence might be the clue to the first sentence of the passage. but that is not an absolute rule.

3. Finding the general theme

Finding the general theme or main idea from the jumbled sentence may require some skill, but careful reading can reveal which idea is the central or the  main one, and can be found if it is most frequently used or when most of the other sentence relate to it.

4. Finding logical relationship

Once you have found the general theme, you should relate the ideas and opinions found in the sentences and place them in a logical sequence. You can look for the interrelation of ideas in the sentences to form a whole. Supporting facts, words or phrases that signal emphasis or a shift in a thought, and the relation of one idea to another– for example the cause and effect relationship, help in finding the logical relationship and thus give clues about the structure of the paragraph.

5. Finding the concluding sentence 

The concluding sentence will normally wind up the argument, without leaving any loose ends.

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