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Sentence Completion Solution 07

01. ‘Command’ is the suitable word to be used here.
02. ‘Hot Weather’ will lead to the process of ‘perspiration’.
03. ‘Programmes’ is suitable usage.
04. ‘Endowed’ is followed by the preposition ‘with’.
05. ‘Filter is followed by ‘through’
06. ‘Doubtful’ is followed by the preposition ‘about’.
07. When time reference has been given then present prefect continuous is used. So, ‘have been studying’ is appropriate.
08. ‘Indifferent’ means ‘not being interested’ and this meets the sense of the sentence.
09. ‘Comprises’ gives the proper sense to the sentence.
10. ‘Height of competition is shown by the use of ‘cut-throat’.

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(1) A (2) B
(3) A (4) D
(5) B (6) A
(7) B (8) C
(9) D (10) C


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