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Percentage 03

01. A man earns x% on the first Rs 2,000 and y% on the rest of his income. If he earns Rs 700 from Rs 4,000 and Rs 900 from Rs 5,000 of income, find x%.
(a) 20% (b) 15% (c) 25% (d) None of these
02. The price of a Maruti Car rises by 30% while the sales of the car comes down by 20%. What is the percentage change in the total revenue ?
(a) -4% (b) -2% (c) +4% (d) +2%
03. A person who has a certain amount with him goes to market. He can buy 50 oranges or 40 mangoes. He retains 10% of the amount for taxi fares and buys 20 mangoes and of the balance, he purchases oranges. Number of oranges he can purchase?
(a) 36 (b) 40 (c) 15 (d) 20
04. 2/5 of the voters promise to vote for P and rest promised to vote for Q. Of these, on the last day 15% of the voters went back of their promise to vote for P and 25% of voters went back of their promise to vote for Q, and P lost by 2 votes. Then, the total number of voters is ?
(a) 100 (b) 110 (c) 90 (d) 95
05. The number of votes not cast for the Praja Party increased by 25% in the National General Election over those not cast for it in the previous Assembly Polls and the Praja Party lost by a majority twice as large as that by which it had won the Assembly polls. If a total 2,60,000 people voted each time, how many voted for the Praja Party in the previous Assembly Polls ?
(a) 1,10,000 (b) 1,50,000 (c) 1,40,000 (d) 1,20,000
06. The rate of increase of the price of sugar is observed to be two percent more than the inflation rate expressed in percentage. The price of sugar, on January 1, 1994 is Rs 20 per kg. The inflation rates of the years 1994 and 1995 are expected to be 8% each. the expected price of sugar price on January 1, 1996 would be ?
(a) Rs 23.60 (b) Rs 24.00 (c) Rs 24.20 (d) Rs 24.60
07. A report consists of 20 sheets each of 55 lines and each such line consists of 65 characters. This report is reduced onto sheets each of 65 lines such that each line consists off 70 characters. The percentage reduction in number of sheets is closet to
(a) 20% (b) 5% (c) 30% (d) 35%
08. To pass an examination, 40% marks are essential. A obtains 10% less than the pass marks and B obtains 11.11% marks less than A. What percent less that the sum of A’s and B’s marks should C obtain to pass the exam ?
(a) 40% (b) 41(3/17)% (c) 28% (d) Any of these
09. The hourly wages of a female labour are increased by 12.5%, whereas the weekly working hours are reduced by 8%. Find the percentage change in the weekly wages if she was getting Rs 1200 per week for 50 hours previously.
(a) +3.5% (b) 4% (c) 4.5% (d) None of these
10. Two numbers X and Y are 20% and 28% less than a third number Z. Find by what percentage  is the number Y less than the number X.
(a) 8% (b) 12% (c) 10% (d) 9%


1. B 2. C
3. D 4. A
5. C 6. C
7. A 8. D
9. A 10. C


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    1. Priyanka burnwal

      ques 3
      A no. that is divisible by both 50&40 is200
      so 50 orange each for rs4 &40 Mangoes each for rs 5
      10%he kept for auto left with him is 180
      he bought 20mangoes ie.=100rs
      left with 80rs
      now 20oranges will cost 80 To him. . . .

  1. Ajit Kumar

    Anybody please explain the answer of Question No. 8. as I am getting only one option i.e (B). But how it will (D)Any of these.

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