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Paragraph Jumbles 6

Arrange the sentences A, B, C and D in a proper sequence so as to make a coherent paragraph.
1. A. Add other relevant statistics, such as the number of cold calls made versus the number of resulting sales. Discuss any challenges that hindered sales for the week, such as rainy weather keeping your staff from selling outdoor equipment.
  B. Give the week’s sales numbers, then compare them. After giving the week’s biggest accomplishment, break down the sales numbers for the week. This could be broken down by product or salesperson or whatever makes sense for the product or service you are selling.
Then, include a summary of how this week’s numbers compare to this time last year, to last week’s numbers or how much closer you are to your quarterly sales goal.
C. Start the sales report with the date. Include the dates, the report covers, the specific department and other pertinent information, such as the sales region covered or specific product.
D. Lead with the main accomplishment or most significant number of the week. e.g. if you exceeded sales goals for the week, start with a sentence describing how much you exceeded the goals. If you increased sales 10% over the previous week, share that information.
  (a) ADBC (b) CADB (c) DCBA (d) ADCB
2. A. After you fill the online form, you will be taken to page where you will be given the options to make payment. You can make a payment of Rs. 470 using your credit card, prepaid card and net banking. After payment confirmation, you will be taken to a page where you will have to fill in authentication details.
  B. In case, you fail the authentication questions do not worry, you will have to send the hard copy of the application for CIBIL score generated online with the CIBIL transacation ID along with the hard copy of your Id and address proof to CIBIL. CIBIL on verification will send you the hard copy of the CIBIL credit report to your  address mentioned indicated in the address proof.
C. The first step in the process of getting your personalised credit score is to fill an online form that you can find on CIBIL site. You have to mention details like name, date of birth, address, phone number, income, identity proof and address and also loans taken by you in the past.
D. To authenticate your identity you will have to answer a minimum of three questions of the five questions asked. The questions will be based on your credit history like credit cards held and and loans being serviced in your name. After a successful authentication your personalized credit score will be e-mailed to you on the same day by CIBIL.
  (a) CABD (b) ACBD (c) ACDB (d) CADB
3. A. It is, however desirable that you hold securities in demat form as physical securities carry the risk of being fake, forged or stolen.
  B. Just as you have to open an account with a bank if you want to save your money, make cheque payments, etc. Now-a-days, you need to open a demat account if you want to buy or sell stocks.
C. Demat refers to a dematerialised account. Though the company is under obligation to offer the securities in both physical and demat mode, you have the choice to receive the securities in either mode.
D. If you wish to have securities in demat mode, you need to indicate the name of the depository and also of the depository participant with whom you have depository account in your application.
  (a) BCDA (b) CDBA (c) ABCD (d) ADCB
4. A. The next list you will need to make outlines your business’s opportunities and threats. Think of both as external to your business-factors that you can’t control but can try to predict. Opportunities can include new markets, new products and trends that favour your business. Threats include competition and advances in technology that put you at a disadvantage.
  B. Think of your company as if it was a person with its own unique personality and identity. With that in mind, create separate lists that identify your business’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. Put everything down and create big lists. Don’t edit or reject anything.
C. Get down to the details that are concrete and measurable. Your marketing strategy should become a plan that included monthly review, tracking and measurement, sales forecasts, expense budgets and non-monetary metrics for tracking progress. These can include leads, presentations, phone calls, links, blog posts, page views, conversion rates, proposals and trips, among others.
D. Now it’s time to pull your lists together. Look for the intersection of your unique identity and your target market. In terms of your business offerings, what could be your drop off the list because it’s not strategic, Then, think about dropping those who aren’t in your target market.
  (a) BACD (b) BCAD (c) BADC (d) BCDA
5. A. Sudoku conditions the mind to looking for answers that may not be immediately visible. The numbers within the box can only tell so much. The numbers within the box can only tell so much, but being able to visualise numbers which are not in the box will go a long way.
  B. And that certainly helps in practically every area of life, being able to keep one’s goal in focus instead of flustered by details.
C. In certain IQ tests, such people are classified as Visual Mathematicians- the ones who are able to see the big picture.
D. “Think outside the box” may just be the best advice to solving sudoku, even if it sounds a tad paradoxical.
  (a) DACB (b) BACD (c) ABCD (d) CABD
6. A. Core competencies are the collective learning in the organisation.
  B. especially how to co-ordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple streams of technologies…
C. core competence is communication, involvement and a deep commitment to working across organisational boundaries… core competence does not diminish with use.
D. Unlike physical assets, which do deteriorate over time, competencies are enhanced as they are applied and shared.
  (a) DABC (b) ABCD (c) CABD (d) ACBD
7. A. Comparisons between Vergil and his great Greek prototype, Homer, are inevitable, although academic, admirers of the Latin Poet find them odious, arguing that Homer composed for an audience which knew only the epic on the grand scale and that his poetry was meant to be heard, not read.
  B. Nevertheless it can hardly be disputed that poetic merits of the Aeneid are far below those of Iliad, lacking the unity of purpose and integrity of construction of the earlier work as well as its truth and simplicity.
C. It is also true that Homer’s society was relatively uncomplicated, with a nobility not unlike the barons of England’s feudal ages, whereas Vergil’s civilization was complex and he wrote for scholarly and thoroughly educated readers.
D. Perhaps a model, however masterly, can never quite capture the spontaneous freshness of a glorious original.
  (a) DCBA (b) ACBD (c) CABD (d) ABCD
8. A. When the Meccans challenged Mohammed to perform a miracle as proof of his Divine mission, he appealed, boldly and confidently, to the book which was taking shape under his supervision.
  B. It was indeed a miracle, the miracle of miracles, this book that had come down from heaven..
C. So wonderful a work(he maintained), written in such superlatively beautiful language and expressing the most profound and majestic of religious truths, could surely not have been written by mere man, most certainly not by such an unlettered man as he was himself.
D. The book in question was Koran, as we generally call it, although a more correct rendering is Quran, which is an Arabic word meaning reading, lecture, or recitation or perhaps which ought to be read.
  (a) ACBD (b) BACD (c) ABCD (d) CDBA
9. A. Fortunately, the lack of details available about the life of Shakespeare does not apply to Dante, who is revealed to us as the hero of one of the strangest and most beautiful love stories in the world.
  B. If a limit may be set to the period of medieval literature, Dante’s Divine Comedy may be said to have brought it to an end in glorious climax.
C. Of all the great figures, who embellish the pageant of literature, Dante shares an equal place with the Shakespeare.
D. Here all the greatest and best in thought and work that flowered in the millenium between the fall of Roman Empire and the close of the thirteenth century, is given a new vitality and endowed with poetic passion.
  (a) ACDB (b) DBAC (c) BDCA (d) CDBA
10 A. There were numerous religious shrines at home and abroad that attracted the pilgrims hosts, but in England, by far the most popular was Canterbury, where in the great cathedral stood the magnificent tomb of Thomas Beckett- St. Thomas of Canterbury- hard by the spot where in 1170 he had been brutally slain by four of King Henry’s knights.
  B. On an April morning, many centuries ago, a band of pilgrims set out from the Tabard inn in Southwark to go to Canterbury.
C. We should not suppose that the fact that they were pilgrims means that they were specially devout.
D. Pilgrimages in the Middle Ages- and the year in question is somewhere in the thirteen-eighties- were a most welcome break in the monotonous round of daily existence, an occasion of seeing the sight and meeting fresh people and exchanging  gossip and tales of high life, and of low.
  (a) DBAC (b) ACDB (c) BADC (d) BCDA


01. B 02.  D
03.  A 04.  C
05.  A 06.  B
07.  B 08.  A
09.  C 10.  D
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