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  1. neha

    if we skip aptitude section and perform good in other to section then what will happen plzz dear admin reply m too confuse and scared.

  2. khushaal

    one logical reasoning question contains 3-5 sub-questions. are sub questions of 10 marks each or one whole logical reasoning question? same goes with cryptarithmetic part

    plz plz do reply admin. i’m in a fix coz its taking hell time to solve these questions.

  3. Abhishek

    Great Work Admin! Found The LR section really helpful. After having solved all 14 LR problems…..do i need to solve more or it is fine to score 40-50 marks in elitmus from the LR section(assuming 8 LR questions) .It took 15 minutes on an average to solve each LR problem.Kindly guide me in my preparation .i need to get 97%+ in the problem solving section as my aggregate in BE is only 60%. And if I need to solve more….could you please suggest from where to study….i am planning to take the test in 20-26 NOV. Thanks in advance.Hope to hear from you.

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