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Logical Reasoning Problem 09

Five different film actors namely Amit, Shahrukh, Anil, Sunil and Akshay are engaged in the shooting of five different movies with five different actresses Madhuri, Kareena,  Aishwarya, Shilpa, and Juhi not necessarily in the same order, in different studios. The director of each film decided to set a record by making the films as early as possible. (i) Aishwarya’s studio is between Amit’s and Akshay’s studios. (ii) Shahrukh’s director who doesn’t have Aishwarya as an actress in the shooting took three fourths as many as the number of days taken by Sunil’s Director. (iii) Akshay’s studio number is 417. (iv) Anil’s film took more days than Amit’s,  while Amit’s film took more days than Aishwarya’s to get finalised. (v) The director from studio number 418 took 16 days lesser then the director from studio number 415, to complete his film.

(vi) Shilpa’s film took 8 days more than Amit’s and two days more than Juhi’s.

(vii) Madhuri’s studio number is 416.

(viii) Madhuri’s film took 8 day less then Aishwarya’s film and Anil’s films took maximum number of days for completion.

1. Who is opposite of Kareena in her film ?
   (a) Amit  (b) Shahrukh
 (c) Akshay  (d) Sunil
2. The director of which studio made the film in the least number of days ?
   (a) 415  (b) 416
 (c) 417  (d) 418
3. Name of the actress of studio No. 417 ?
   (a) Kareena  (b) Aishwarya
 (c) Juhi  (d) None
4. Sunil’s film was completed in ?
   (a) 44 days  (b) 40 days
 (c) 32 days  (d) None
5. Anil’s opposite was ?
   (a) Juhi  (b) Shilpa
 (c) Aishwarya  (d) Madhuri

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  1. Kunubal Kant

    Anil Shahrukh Akshay Sunil Amit
    Shilpa Madhuri Juhi Aishwarya Kareena
    ———— —————– —————- ———————– ———————-
    415 416 417 418 419

    x days x-24 days x-2 days x-16 days x-8 days

  2. Kunubal Kant

    Anil : Shilpa : 415 : x days

    Shahrukh : Madhuri : 416 : x-24 days

    Akshay : Juhi : 417 : x-2 days

    Sunil : Aishwarys : 418 : x-16 days

    Amit : Kareena : 419 : x-8 days

  3. Suryadip Basu

    Thank you very very much sir. After seeing your videos I’ve now gained some good knowledge on the logical reasoning part. I highly appreciate your initiative. Thank yo once again…!!!

  4. Mahendra Kumar

    The number of days mentioned per studio are wrong in the question as per my calculations. Plz correct me if i am wrong.

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