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Logical Reasoning Problem 07

Four bottles P, Q, R and S are arranged side by side. Each contains a fixed amount of soft drink measured in litres. The different soft drinks are Pepsi, Coke, Limca, and Sprite. Read the following clues carefully.

● Pepsi is between Sprite and Coke.
● The amount of Sprite is more than the amount of Pepsi, but lesser than that of Coke.
● Limca is not in bottle R.
● The bottle containing 2.2 ltr of soft drinks doesn’t have Limca.
● Bottle R contains more amount than bottle P.
● The difference between the amount contained by Limca and Sprite is 0.6 litres.
● The bottle with Coke is between the bottles containing 0.6 ltr and 1 L.
● Bottle S doesn’t contain Coke and doesn’t have the least amount of soft drink in it.

1. What is the amount of soft drink in bottle Q ?
  (a) 0.6 ltr. (b) 1 ltr.
(c) 1.6 ltr. (d) 2.2 ltr
2. Which bottle contains 1.6 litres of soft drink ?
  (a) P (b) Q
(c) R (d) S
3. Bottle R contains ?
  (a) Pepsi (b) Coke
(c) Sprite (d) Limca
4. What is the amount of Limca in the bottle ?
  (a) 0.6 ltr (b) 1.6 ltr
(c) 1 ltr (d) 2.2 ltr
5. Which bottle contains the highest amount of soft drink ?
  (a) P (b) Q
(c) R (d) S

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  1. Aman Agarwal

    Logical Reasoning problem 7 is in complete.
    if you see the arrangements there can be two arrangements of bottels

    P Q R S
    R P Q S
    sprit pepsi coke limca
    1.6 0.6 2,2 1

  2. vijay

    There are other possible arrangements apart from given solution.
    for example


  3. Shubha

    There is only one arrangement possible because question says four bottles P, Q, R and S are arranged side-by-side.

    1. ashishjain.387

      Still there is one more solution bro.See this

      P Q R S
      Limca coke pepsi sprite
      0.6 2.2 1 1.2

      Tell me what’s wrong in this solution

    1. Jashan Chawla

      yes Shubha is right keep the bottles side by side in the following order P Q R S….
      P Q R S
      sprit-pepsi-coke -limca

  4. ashishjain.387

    There is one more possible solution with 1.2L bottle instead of 1.6.Here it is

    P Q R S
    Limca coke pepsi sprite
    0.6 2.2 1 1.2

    Tell me what’s wrong in this solution

    1. Sonam Choudhary

      u r ryt..i also got the same.
      but if u see the questions based on this problem then u’ll find out that one of the 4 bottles must contain 1.6 ltr amount.

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