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Logical Reasoning Problem 12

Four families decided to attend the marriage ceremony of one of their colleagues. One family has no kids, while the others have at least one kid each. Each family with kids has at least one kid attending the marriage. Given below is some information about the families and who reached when to attend the marriage.
●  The family with 2 kids came just before the family with no kids.
●  Shanthi who does not have any kids reached just before Sridevi’s family.
●  Sunil and his wife reached last with their only kid.
●  Anil is not the husband of Joya.
●  Anil and Raj are fathers.
●  Sridevi’s and Anita’s daughters go to same school.
●  Joya came before Shanthi and met Anita when she reached the venue.
●  Raman stays the farthest from the venue.
●  Raj said his son could not come because of his exams.
1. Which woman arrive third ?
   (a) Shanthi  (b) Sridevi
 (c) Anita  (d) Joya
2. Name the correct pair of husband and wife ?
   (a) Raj and Shanthi  (b) Sunil and Sridevi
 (c) Anil and Sridevi  (d) Raj and Anita
3. Of the following pairs, whose daughters go to the same school ?
  (a) Anil and Raman  (b) Sunil and Raman
(c) Sunil and Anil  (d) Raj and Anil
4. Whose family is known to have more than one kid for certain ?
   (a) Raman’s  (b) Raj’s 
 (c) Anil’s  (d) Sunil’s

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  1. SAnita

    Answer for 4th one is c)Anil right..Because we don’t know how many kids Raj have. But Anil and Anitha sure have 2 kids. So it’s certain they have more than one kid.

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