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Logical Reasoning Problem 01

A, B, C, D, E, G and I are seven friends who study in three different standards namely 5th, 6th and 7th such that not less than two friends study in the same standard. Each friend also has a different favorite (only one) subject namely History, Civics, English, Marathi, Hindi, Maths and Economics but not necessarily in the same order.
●  A likes Maths and studies in the 5th std. with only one other friend who likes Marathi.
●  I studies with two other friends.
●  Both the friends who study with I like one of the languages (Hindi, Marathi and English).
●  D studies in the 6th standard with only one person and does not like Civics.
●  E studies with only one friend.
●  The one who likes History does not study in 5th or 6th standard.
●  E does not like language .
●  C does not like English, Hindi or Civics.
1. Which combination represents E’s favorite subject and the standard in which he studies ?
(a) Civics and 7th
(b) Economics and 5th
(c) Civics and 6th
(d) History and 7th
2. Which of the following is I’s favorite subject ?
(a) History
(b) Civics
(c) Marathi
(d) Either English or Marathi
3. Who among the following studies in the 7th standard ?
(a) G
(b) C
(c) E
(d) D
4. Which of the combinations is definitely correct ?
(a) I and Hindi
(b) G and English
(c) C and Marathi
(d) B and Hindi
5. Which of the following subjects does G like ?
(a) Either Maths or Marathi
(b) Either Hindi or English
(c) Either Hindi or Civics
(d) Either Hindi or Marathi

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  1. Akshay

    I nailed it!!Friends I have completed the question myself in 10 min and then matched the answers. They came out to be all correct. This question is very easy. The study material is awesome

  2. Dewanand Sahu

    Both the friends who study with I like one of the languages (Hindi, Marathi and English).

    Both the friends who study with I like one of the languages (Hindi and English).

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