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How To Solve Cryptarithmetic Problems 01

Fundamental Rules

1. Each Variable should have unique and distinct value.
2. Each Letter, Symbol represents only one digit throughout the problem.
3. Numbers must not begin with zero  i.e.  0123 (wrong) , 123 (correct).
4. You have to find the value of each letter in the Cryptarithmetic.
5. There must be only one solution to the problem.
6. The Numerical base, unless specifically stated , is 10.
7. After replacing  letters by their digits, the resulting arithmetic operations must be correct.

Example of Cryptarithmetic Problem


Complete Solution

Detailed Explanation

1. Suppose if you are considering  A=2, then  other variable in problem cannot have value equal to 2.
i.e.  In the given problem above, B≠2, M≠2, R≠2, Y≠2 etc.
2. You cannot take someplace A=2 and someplace A=3 in a single problem.
i.e. If you are getting  A=2 and A=3 in same problem, solution is wrong.
3. Numbers must not begin with zero.
i.e. In the given problem above, Value of M≠0, B≠0. 

Video Solution 

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