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  1. sai swaroop

    I got 96 percentile in quant,72 percentile in verbal,94 percentile in reasoning.are my scores sufficient for all
    the top mncs or i have to take test again.please reply me

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Sai,

      If your total marks is greater than (140-150). You can expect a call from MNC’s offering package 3 lac +.

      Best Regards,
      Team ElitmusZone

  2. Puneeth

    I got 83.65 in Verbal, 40.13 in problem solving and 75.61 in quantitative. Please someone tell me about my overall percentage and wat are my chances please.

  3. Trinesh

    I got 93 percentile in verbal , 63.6 percentile in problem solving , 14.8 percentile in quantitative. Are my scores is sufficienttI get job in top mnc’s.
    Please clarify me

  4. vikas

    hi i got 50 marks in lr 45 in eng n 15 in quants
    93.20 -lr
    wat is my overall percentile will i get any call??

  5. Tharan

    I got

    Verbal-51.87 percentile

    Problem Solving-78.33 percentile

    Quantitative-80.74 percentile.

    Whats my overall percentile…..and what should i do to get call letters from MNC companies?

  6. Kishan mahajan

    I got 99.12 in quant 98.83 in problem solving and 17.68 in verbal what are my chances and my total score is 167.5 ??

  7. Aditya

    97.57 in verbal, 82.28 in problem solving, 96.93 in Quant, total score 243.5, 10th- 9.8CGPA, 12th-87.6%, BE- 69.7%, I belong to EX Branch, don’t know programming. What are my chances??

  8. Chinmay

    96.9 – Verbal
    71.26 – Problem solving
    54.44 – Quant.

    Should i attempt one more time or wait for call?

  9. Shreyash Phakade Pawar

    I have got 120 marks in English (96.43 percentile)
    45 marks in Problem Solving (90.74 percentile) and
    33.75 in Quantitative Aptitude (80.84 percentile).
    This was my first attempt and I did not study for this exam per se. I am currently giving my final year exams in BE Computer. Should I take a re-test or should I be able to get all the calls from companies that hire from e-Litmus?
    All my 10th, 12th and Graduation percentages are more than 60%. Please do let me know the steps I have to take from now on.

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