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  1. sai swaroop

    I got 96 percentile in quant,72 percentile in verbal,94 percentile in reasoning.are my scores sufficient for all
    the top mncs or i have to take test again.please reply me

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Sai,

      If your total marks is greater than (140-150). You can expect a call from MNC’s offering package 3 lac +.

      Best Regards,
      Team ElitmusZone

  2. Puneeth

    I got 83.65 in Verbal, 40.13 in problem solving and 75.61 in quantitative. Please someone tell me about my overall percentage and wat are my chances please.

  3. Trinesh

    I got 93 percentile in verbal , 63.6 percentile in problem solving , 14.8 percentile in quantitative. Are my scores is sufficienttI get job in top mnc’s.
    Please clarify me

  4. vikas

    hi i got 50 marks in lr 45 in eng n 15 in quants
    93.20 -lr
    wat is my overall percentile will i get any call??

  5. Tharan

    I got

    Verbal-51.87 percentile

    Problem Solving-78.33 percentile

    Quantitative-80.74 percentile.

    Whats my overall percentile…..and what should i do to get call letters from MNC companies?

  6. Kishan mahajan

    I got 99.12 in quant 98.83 in problem solving and 17.68 in verbal what are my chances and my total score is 167.5 ??

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