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    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Savita,

      Firstly go through the cryptarithmetic Tutorial in sequence mentioned below and then try to solve the problem by your own. Practice question from the ElitmusZone and other related materials as much as you can.

      Question published on this portal are same as difficulty level of elitmus examination.

      If you are able to solve the questions from this portal, then definitely you will score a good percentile in each section of exams.

      Sequence of Contents:

      1. http://www.elitmuszone.com/elitmus/what-is-cryptarithmetic/
      2. http://www.elitmuszone.com/elitmus/cryptarithmetic-tutorial/
      3. http://www.elitmuszone.com/elitmus/unit-digit-method/
      4. http://www.elitmuszone.com/elitmus/cryptarithmetic-multiplication/

      Please let us know, if you need any more information.

      Good Luck 

  1. vandana

    cryptography was a phobia for me
    how simply u just explained the cryptography
    thank u
    onw more thing cud u update or add some material so that i can prepare from this syt

  2. Adeeba

    The Cryptarithmetic tutorial is very helpful and very appreciating too.With the help of this tutorial i was able to solve the questions easily.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hey Ravi,

      Please go through tutorial in sequence. You will understand all crypt arithmetic concepts.

      Best Regards,

  3. narayana

    Is it mandatory to assume carry for each and every column, even we get the values with out assuming a carry???
    If so you have mentioned “s” as 9.we can take carry there and consider “s” as to be 8 right.
    this is regarding to send+more=money

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