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Cryptarithmetic Problem 5


1. Value of  S ? 
(a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9
2. Which of the following follows the Pythagoras theorem ? 
(a) H, A, D (b) H, A, B (c) T, E, A (d) T, E, D
3. Value of H + R + S + A ? 
(a) 14 (b) 15 (c) 16 (d) 17

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  1. Gokul

    In the first case that is predicting ‘A’, the value of A can be 1 as well apart from being 5 or 6. Why 1 is not considered for A?

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Suppose A={1, 5, 6} Reference: A x A= _A [H R S A ]
      Let’s take A=1
      T  E  A
                x  A
      H  R  S   A

      T  E  1
              x   1
      H  R  S  1 [ T  E  1  ]
      If you will multiple any number with 1, result will be number itself.
      A B C
      x 1
      A B C
      Detailed Explanation( Rule 2)

    1. shraddha tiwari

      when E=1 it a trick that the carry of two digits will always be 1…so from there the value of L =2 is evaluated.

    1. ElitmusZone Post author

      Hello Tushar,

      This is just an hit and trial approach with the values of E.

      So, you have to make a set of possible values of E.

      Here E can be {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

      Now, as you have already considered R=0 and A=5

      So, the possible values of E= {1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9}

      Now you have to start hit and trial with the possible values of E from above set.

      So, firstly consider E=1 proceed further ……

      Please let us know if more information is required.

      Best Regards,
      ElitmusZone Team

      1. Soumya Chowdhury

        Suppose I take E=2,4,6 or 8 then the value of S=2 comes. This value dosent satisfy the next step. But what if we take E=3,7 or 9, then the value os S=7. How will I jnow about wrong step

  2. Sudeep

    ‘A’ shouldn’t be considered in {2, 4, 8} in step-2. {2, 4, 8} for A, don’t satisfy A X A= _A (in step 1). Hence there is only one case, i.e, A=5

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