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Cryptaritmetic Multiplication 28


1. Value of H ? 
(a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8
2. Which of the following set contains even numbers only ? 
(a) H, M, K (b) A, V, E (c) N, X, W (d) H, A, N
3. Value of N ? 
(a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9
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  1. Rohit Yadav

    In the question you can see that X+X=A and M is written as it is at last which means that there is no carry generated from X+X
    This implies A is not greater than 9 and as X+X=A thus possible values of X could be {1,2,3,4} . X will not be 5 as 5+5=10 which would generate a carry.
    Now use the possible values of X to began hit and trail on HMK×E cause it gives ANXX as a product.

  2. Deepak Kumar(NIT Raipur)

    A G E
    O A T
    S O A R
    H O G
    G O T O
    G E C O I R

    See either O+1=E or O+2=E because (S+H+T can give max upto 2 as remainder.) Also O*E=O that means there are two possibilities:-
    1) Either O is 5 and E is an odd(thus O=5 and E=7 . E cannt be 6 cause O*E gives back E.)
    2) Or O is any even number and E is 6.
    But as we can see O+O+O=O which is possible if O=5. So put O=5 and E=7 and proceed.
    A G E
    5 5
    G O T O
    which is possible if A=3 and G =1. and it will give you T=8.
    (Note – every time keep updating the mapping figure and terminate the trial if conflict occurs. )

    Contact me on “deepdeepak@gmail.com” for more detail and help.

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