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Cryptarithmetic Multiplication 16


1. Which of the following set contains only even numbers ?
(a) A, R, C (b) A, P, R (c) P, R, O (d) O, C, T
2. Which of the following set contains odd numbers ?
(a) A, P, R (b)  T, O, P (c) J, T, C (d) R, O, C
3. Value of A ?
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4
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  1. shehzad

    Here at 10th place R+R=A, which means that A is an even number. now check ques.3, even values of A in option are 2 and 4, which means R= 1 or 2 (A=2R)
    now lets R=1, but in first multiplication T*R !=T, so R cannot be 1. hence R=2 and A=4
    now in first multiplication T*2=4 which is possible for only 2 values of T(2,7) but T cannot be 2 so T=7
    NOw solve it by yourself

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